Impress is a personal initiative by the author Tom André Tveit.
The goal is to capture the moments when humans impress -
and that in the positive way which entertains and is an motiv-
ation for others. You are welcome to se the following present-
ation (soon translated into English): Presentation of Impress

If anyone wants to show support to the initiative Impress you are
welcome to buy books that I have published on Verda - they can be
ordered in this web shop: Verda Publishing House Web Shop
Alle the publications can also be lent on libraries if one does
not want to buy, and the books are recommended to those who wants
to impove their knowledge - be my guest and look into my pub-
publications and what I have created from the knowledge within
them here: Verda Publishing House The book "Self-tuition" is
a stong choice which gives a good fundation independent on what
you want to learn.

Important remark abaout alle the publications on Verda - at pre-
sent they are in the language of Norwegian, but as soon as some-
one becomes interested in an English translation it will be real-
ized shortly.

Gladly contact Impress here: Contact

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