Title: PSY - GANGNAM STYLE(-----) M/V - Why Gangnam Style should be Gangbog Style (DIV)
Style: Gangbog-style 1 (with slightly faster speed than ordinary)
Category: Goodness-presented-by-diversity 1
Imaginary: Artisticly-gaining-self-copyright 1
Argumentation: Need-less-vocabulary-argumentation 1
Eksternlenke: Film ved Youtube
Original: Film ved Youtube - PSY - GANGNAM STYLE(-----) M/V

This video explains how Gangnam Style should be Gangbog Style.

Original timeline: 02:32 -----------------------------------

1. When the "something" is north of the river (Gangbog Style), then
2. The Mountain (san) itself is south of the river (Gangnam Style) (In addition
the mountain is then south of the river; 'Sanbog').

Therefore Gangbog Style is double the fun, and as well if the mountain itself
has as a miracle its own river - the double the amount of rivery. By the way
the mountains name is; 'Galdhøpiggen'.

'Oppa' should also be 'bog' since we should cherish what's in the north, which
should be in most cases the Women leveled into the skies - the in this case
foreign older brother which 'oppa' means should therefore step aside, when the
Women gets the skies for themselvses. In addition one gain also the gift to need
less words; 'Gangbog Style' and 'Bog' will then be enough.


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