Title: DIV - A Short Introduction
Category: Serious-introduction 1
Style: Silent-style 1

1. Simply press the DIV-Link in the commentary field.
2. When the DIV page for the video opens, you will see the
DIV-Original to the left, and the DIV-COmmentary to the right.
3. To see the reference in the DIV-Original to each comment
use the Original Timeline with the given time.
1. Open two Web browsers at once - one half of the screen for
both windows hori- sontally. 2. Open the DIV-Original with the
provided link in the DIV-commentary description to the left,
and the DIV-commentary to the right. 3. You are now ready to
DIV by watching the DIV-commentary and follow up the DIV-Original
by finding the given times on the timeline of the DIV-Original.

2018 - 2019